Independent Woman

Independent woman is a free application for smartphone devices that will follow you and will make you feel safe wherever you are. Try it! It's free!

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Protect youself immediately with Independent Woman


Safety is priceless, just like Independent Woman


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Open the app when you are about to move. The rest will be done by Independent Woman.

You are safe

Independent Woman follows you, your moves and assist you if you are in danger.

Protect youself immediately with Independent Woman

Independent Woman is a smartphone app that monitors your movements step by step on your daily commute.

Independent Woman App

Follow me mode

Activating Independent Woman is easy!

Set your destination with a simple “tap” and Independent Woman will be following your journey/movements.

Danger mode

If you feel in danger simply launch/send an SOS to your designated contact.

Your contact will receive a fake call which will activate an audio video recording of what is happening around you. The app will also send a message alerting your contact to your location.

Independent Woman

Frequently Asked Questions

Doubts or questions? We have thought of everything. Please see the following FAQ or write a ticket to for further clarification.

Independent Woman App
Yes, the app is free and will be free for one year from registration. If you'll want to keep using it you'll pay only € 1 per year.
Yes, in the free version you can add up to 3 addresses of your choice. In the paid version you can add up to 10 addresses of your choice.
You can take it directly from your address book. Independent Woman does not recommend you to enter the number of your partner.
Yes, you can record in both. If you wish to no longer use the app you can simply delete it from the computer in a private area or via app in a private area.
No problem! Independent Woman has thought of that! An alarm clock according to your set time will alert you for a return home or wherever you go.